Chile Climbing Site wants to be an open forum for climbing and mountaineering in Chile, providing continuously updated information, such as new sport climbs, first ascents and other interesting stuff. Up to now contributions are coming mainly from Eduardo Mondragón, Martin Waldhoer and Waldo Farías. Waldo realized many climbs and first ascents around here and provided many pictures from mostly unknown areas. Chile is not only Patagonia!
As hardly anything about climbing here is written down, this site shall provide you an overview of what can be done. The registry of first ascents and new routes keeps informed about what is going on. If you have done any new things, be it sport, alpine, ice climbing, mountaineering or an exceptional trekking, you are invited to publish! The site will continuously be updated and many things are yet preliminary or lack photographs. Finally, we try to keep the site fast with a conventional design, avoiding useless images.

Chile Climbing Page is a non-commercial site maintained by Martin Waldhoer, Ximena Alarcón, Eduardo Mondragón and Ignacio Morales.