Valle Alto del Carmen

With the huge project of Sendero de Chile, also in the dry north of Chile trekking tours will be established. Valle Alto del Carmen is an attractive area, original and untouched by tourism, and not yet so dry as to inhibit larger hiking tours. There are rivers, glaciars and volcanoes up to 6000m and more. Fossils are reported to be abundant in certain places. 

Dashed 'road' leaving San Félix is probably the trail.

  • Location: see map
  • Access: by bus 
  • Characteristics: Sendero Chile: easy trekking at around 2200m of altitude; higher up much stuff is possible, also ascent of Cerro del Toro (6380m) and other volcanoes.
  • Download flyer of Vallenar - Alto del Carmen administration
  • Download map from Sendero de Chile

Flyer of Sendero de Chile with map (see also map above): The trail is 30km long, allow 2-3 days

3D-topographic view. Source: