Fitz Roy - Cerro Torre

Cerro Torre, photo: M.W.
Cerro Torre from the base camp

To hike around Cerro Torre across the Hielo Continental is certainly an extreme undertaking for a hiker. Only the best tents will resist the violent storms. It is not always possible to dig in into the snow. The noise of the wind is awful. In a regular storm, it is not easy - if impossible - to walk against the wind. Often it blows from N to S, so come from N, but this can also change. You will need good mountain gear. The wind lifts the running water from the glaciar and blows it through everthing. Be careful with crevasses and hidden pools of melt water below the ice. In summer there is usually lots of water running around. 

  • Location: Chaltén, Argentina
  • Relevant map: JLM No. 18  (only for overview)
  • Access: By bus from Chile or Argentina
  • Characteristics: Beautiful trekking in Patagonia

            Cerro Torre, photo: M.W.
Fixing the tent was a useless task.

View over the ice shield.

Taking a rest.


All pictures: X.Alarcón, M.Waldhoer