This volcano is among the most acitves. It has an enormous crater with steep faces and roaring volcanic exhalations. Agencies in San Pedro de Atacama offer the ascent as part of a one-day tour to the high plateau. Highly recommended.
  • Location: Near San Pedro de Atacama, see map San Pedro
  • Relevant maps: JLM No. 05 Altiplano, No. 12 San Pedro de Atacama
  • Access: from San Pedro, 4WD rec., 4h to top, arrange tour in San Pedro or rent a car, ca. 240 US$ one day.
  • Characteristics: Easy ascent, but in high altitude, ca. 600m difference.

Lascar, photo: E.Waldhoer
photo: E.Waldhoer At the crater, photo: E.Waldhoer
Sulfur deposits, photo: E.Waldhoer View down the crater, photo: E.Waldhoer
photo: E.Waldhoer Flamingos, photo: E.Waldhoer