Open challenges - Desafíos abiertos

Cerro Alto los Leones (5500m). Faces rise 1000m and higher. J. Straub says to have climbed one line, but does not give details. There is a giant ice waterfall below the huge funnel going down from the top in several steps. Probably good in autumn. 

Cerro Tronco (ca. 5500m) to be seen from the valley of Río Olivares with its huge face (>1000m) . J. Straub claims a route up the visible waterfall. A repetition or a new route is yet to be done. Access is probably from an other side than this.
Faces visible from the boat of Lago Tagua Tagua (south of Cochamó). Bad snapshot. Looks very much like granite. Nobody knows about.
The Monstruo face in Cochamó, 1000 m high, has been climbed only once by Polish climbers. It is a 2-3-days hike to its base, the most remote and highest face of Cochamó.