Diego The southernmost 6000m-peak of the Andes. Marmolejo of course is a volcano. The ascent is interesting because most of the hike is covered by ice, and not volcanic debris. Usually the ascent is done from Baños Morales, but access is also possible from Embalse El Yeso. 
Marmolejo in April, foto: M.W.
View from Valle del Mesoncito
  • Location: Cajón del Maipo, 20 km from Baños Morales, up the Cajón del Morado
  • Access: 1-2 days to base camp, 1-3 days to top
  • Characteristics: Long hike on glaciar
  • Season: Summer, fall
  • relevant map: JLM06 and AO1

Speed record: Andrés Zegers ran up and down in only 12:40h from Cabrerios at 2300m. 


Marmolejo, photo: M.W.
View from the Valle la Engorda