Nevado de los Piuquenes (6025 m)
by Peter Schön (peter.schoen(at)

The SE-flank of Nevado Piuquenes has been skied down by Peter Schön in December 2005, probably the first ski descent. He also determined the altitude of the summit by DGPS.

See detailed report (PDF)...

A distant look towards Nevado de los Piuquenes (6025m) from the summit of Marmolejo (6110m) - Nevado de los Piuquenes is so hidden, Marmolejo is one of the few places from where you can see the mountain in it’s true size. © Photo taken by my friend Gerald Puffinger († Kobenz, Austria) during his solo ascent of Marmolejo - contact me if you want to use this photo

Routes from last High Camp (5000m) up (red) and ski route down (blue). © Photo: Andrew Sims - please to do not use without his permission, since it is not my photo (contact me if you want to use it)