Osorno, photo: Ximena Alarcon

Osorno is told to be one of the most beautiful volcanoes of the planet. Its shape is perfectly the one of a cone, topped by a cream-like cap of ice.

Osorno is easily accessible, a white road goes up to the entrance of the park (rangers) and a nice hut. From there the ascent is done in a couple of hours. It is somewhat dangerous due to crevasses.

The extensive ice caves below the summit ice cap are a unique attraction and a particular adventure. Don´t miss them! You will have to search for an entrance, especially when fog is around. We found the entrance by accident just at the top. From there we could descent down the flanks on the bottom of the glacier and climb out again through crevasses. There is no volcanic activity. These caves are found also on other volcanoes, but never so extended and without acid gases. Photo: E.Waldhoer
Sun light shining through the ca. 10m ice cap.


Photo: E.Waldhoer Sunset above Lago Llanquihue Osorno, photo E.Schuster Climbing the snow flanks
Photo: M.W. Photo: E.Waldhoer Photo: M.W.

Within the ice caves.