Overview Tables - What, where, how?

The following tables try to provide a quick survey of what can be done and how good it is. Please help us to increase the listings.

Table of activities:

1: best 2: sec.best ... 1. 2. 3.
Sport climbing Las Chilcas El Manzano Hitchcock, Las Melosas, 
Alpine sport climbing Torrecillas San Gabriel Punta Zanzi
Alpine rock climbing, higher walls Espolones del Brujo Cochamó San Gabriel, Villa Paulina
Bigwall/aid climbing Espolones del Brujo Cochamó San Gabriel
Ice and mixed faces Area of Baños Morales Area of  Embalse El Yeso Around Portillo
Waterfall ice climbing Yerba Loca Volcán San José-Marmolejo Portillo

Most recommended routes:

Sport climbing Many routes in Las Chilcas, many routes in Socaire, but especially Con Cuidadito 5.10a and El Imán 5.12a (Socaire)
Alpine sport climbing El Filo 5.10c, El Tubo 5.9 (Torrecillas), Colombiano 5.10a, Superpollo 5.11b, El Jote 5.10d (San Gabriel)
Alpine rock climbing, higher walls Un Poco Patagonia (Espolones del Brujo)
Bigwall climbing ?
Ice and mixed faces El Morado S-Ridge 4700m, Mesón Alto S-Face, Cerro Aparejo S-Face 4700m, Casa Piedra S-Face 4500m, Cerro Bello S-Couloir 5200m, La Paloma 5000m
Waterfall ice climbing Terminator WI 5, Quo Vadis WI 4, Ben Hur WI 4, El Centurión WI 4 (Yerba Loca)

Good stuff for acclimatization (fast to reach):

  Place, Access Characteristics
El Morado 4700m Baños Morales, by bus, 2h to base camp at 2500m Superb glacier routes up to 2000m and 50°, only until end of Dezember
Cerro Plomo 5400m Farellones, La Parva, no public transport, ask in climbing store La Cumbre; 3h to base camp at 3300m Easy hike, no technical difficulty, highly crowded
Loma Larga 5400m Cajón Morado above Baños Morales, 4-6 h to base camp, 1-2 days ascent Easy ascent in glaciated surroundings, many more possible ascents around.
Volcán San José 5800m Baños Morales, by bus, 3-5h to base hut at 3200m Huge mountain in the highest cordillera, alpine style ambiente, long, easy ascent, certainly less crowded
Cuerno Blanco 5000m, Cerro Bello 5200m Embalse El Yeso, no public transport, ask in climbing store La Cumbre, from end of road 4 h to base camp at 4000m Easier glacier ascents and technical ice faces in a most beautiful, alpine ambiente, no people around
Cerro La Paloma 5000m Valley of Yerba Loca, 6h to base camp at 3300m Interesting ice face, 500m 50°, can be combined with Cerro Plomo

Summary of activities: