Volcanes Planchón (3977m) and Peteroa (4100m)

Contribution by José Edwards Moraga, www.southsummits.cl 

Planchón from Vergara Pass
Volcanoes Planchon (3977 masl) and Peteroa (4100 masl) are situated on the border between Argentina and Chile in a place called "Paso Vergara" . These volcanoes have easy access through the valley of the "Teno river", being possible to reach the base by 4x4 vehicles within 3 hours from Curico, an important city of the 7th region featured by having the most coveted Chilean wines. On the Planchon's base a big lagoon is located named "Lagunas del Teno". The ascent of these volcanoes is characterized by scrambable stones, some snow ramps and easy glacier crossing. For many more volcanoes see www.southsummit.cl.

Planchón seen from Lagunas del Teno

  • Location: East of Curico, right on the border betwen Chile and Argentina, going up along the Teno River.
  • Access: From Curico taking the way which goes along the Teno River, 4WD recomended, no public transport available.
  • Characteristics: Easy trail and ascent, beautyful places and sights, hot springs in the nearby area, quite recommended. For ascending these volcanoes several options are suitable, but in general you can get to the summits within one or two days.
  • Various: If you want to go across the border, a permit will be requested at the police station positioned close to the frontier. For obtaining this permit you have to ask for it in advance to the police either in Curico or in Santiago.
  • Season: November to April, depending on the snow conditions on the road. Ask for a report of the road to the police in Curico.