Most higher peaks near Santiago are volcanoes, or what erosion left of them. Cerro Plomo is quite high and easily accessible from Santiago. For this reason, it is often done from Aconcagua expeditions for acclimatization. There is also a route up the glaciar which is technically more interesting. The trails are well marked and camping is possible everywhere. There are also other peaks to ascent.

Cerro Plomo from the base (Dez. 2003)
  • Location: East of Santiago, La Parva, no public transport in summer, but easy hitchhike (also ask in La Cumbre climbing store for a ride)
  • Relevant map: AH01 Grupo Plomo
  • Access: 1 day to base, 1 day to top, also possible in 1 day from La Parva
  • Characteristics: Easy trail and ascent, take crampons for summit
  • Velocity record: Andrés Zegers, March 2006, 4:09 from Valle Nevado to summit. 


Often crowded! Alternatives: El Morado 4700m, La Paloma 5000m, Loma Larga 5400m, Volcán San José 5800m, see other peaks on this site.


The hike from Piedra Numerada to the base

View from above: Marmolejo and Volcan San Jose, Photo: M.W. Photo: E.Schuster
Way to base camp, photo: M.W. Above left: View from the top to Marmolejo and San José
Left: The hike to Piedra Numerada
Above right: Darkness below Cerro Plomo