Volcan San Jose, photo: M.W.
Volcán San José from road below
photo: M.W.
Volcán San José from half way up (3000m)
Panorama from Diego

This active volcano is the direct neighbour to Cerro Marmolejo. It is an interesting tour leading to high altitudes. There is also an alpine-style hut below which is free and open all year round, but often covered by snow until end of december (2002).  The volcano is still somewhat active.

  • Location: Cajón del Maipo, 10 km from Baños Morales, see map
  • Relevant maps: AO1 Vn. San José and JLM06 Andes Centrales
  • Access: 4-5 h to hut from Baños Morales, 1-3 days to top, see map of Baños Morales
  • Characteristics: Easy ascent, horses can be hired
  • Season: Summer

      Vn. San José after thunderstorm in Febr. 07


Hiring horses in Banos Morales, photo: M.W.
Hiring horses in Baños Morales
View from half the way up, photo: M.W.
Panorama view across the Andes
The German hut Refugio Valdez