Tronador is a volcano with three peaks, one of them frequently climbed by many people from Argentina. Climbing the main peak coming from Chile is not a really difficult undertaking, but exceptionally impressive, leading you from zero altitude through vast, deeply incised river valleys, struggling with dense forest and climbing impressive glaciers. The area is still volcanically active, you can hear it and smell it!

Photo: M.W.

The main summit with the final 400m-ascent going up the ice flank.

Photo: E.Waldhoer
  The approach from the police station (10km).

First, take the ferry from Petrohue to Peulla, from there hike ca. 15km to Carabineros station to enter the valley shown above. Do not follow the main river valley to where the tremendous noise of falling avalanches seems to come from. Huge, 20m high boulders are scattered across the river bed, the woods of the valley borders are scraped off more than 100m above the river bottom, showing that something went through here one does not really want to see where it may have come from. So take the first valley to the right to get below the glaciers. From the end of the valley turn right and scramble up over granite rocks and through dense vegetation. Do not try the moraine ridge to the left hand! Once you are above the glacier, the main difficulty is over and the way further on is evident: Cross glacier below the peaks until reaching the main summit. See also map Tronador - Osorno.

Photo: E.Waldhoer Photo: E.Waldhoer
Approaching the glaciar, photo: E.Waldhör Photo: M.W.
Photo: M.W. Summit, photo: M.Waldhör
1: Approach through dense forest, 2: crossing the river, 3: struggling to get up the glaciar, 4: snow slopes, 
5: 400m ice slope, 6: summit in dense fog
Monte Tronador, photo E.Waldhoer Fresh crevasses, photo: M.Waldhör Crossing enormous seracs, photo: M.Waldhör
1: starting the ascent, 2: fresh crevasses on a most beautiful glaciar, 3: seracs on the way