Volcan Villarrica is probably the most climbed mountain in the whole Cordillera. During the sommer months, whole caravans are moving slowly upward. You can buy the tour in Pucón for some 30 dollars. It is officially forbidden to do it by yourself and rangers in the park and guides climbing up will check and blame you.

Hiding the little gear you need and starting early will ensure to get up and down without trouble. Guided tours do not show up before 9.00 am. It is highly frequented and there are more beautiful peaks in the region, but if lucky, in this one you can see liquid magma in the crater.

  • Location: Villarrica national park, near Pucón. See overview map. Relevant maps: JLM 07 Pucón
  • Access: Bus services from Pucon, hiking is limited.See tourist guide books
  • Characteristics: Easy glacier ascent, ca.1200m difference in altitude, 4-6h, volcanic activity on top.

photo: M.W.
In the base camp

Channel, foto:M.W.
Descending people have eroded a meter-deep channel.

 Crater, foto:M.W.

View into the crater with a small spot of red-glowing magma.

Pisco, foto:M.W.